Willi Peter Bossert, founder and consultant of Universal Bossert GmbH leather wholesale trade Pirmasens at an age of only 23 years has initiated in 1953 as individual entrepreneur the constant rise of the company.
From Pirmasens worldwide contacts in the leather trade are cultivated.

Branches of our own in Brazil, India, Thailand and Hong Kong attend to the surveillance of orders including the leather control and they guarantee a perfect service to the customers.
Representatives and co-operating partners in numerous European, Asiatic and South American countries form integral part of the organization.

In the parent house in Pirmasens a large leather stock is available for prompt supply to the customers. Well trained specialists constantly study the quality and the specific properties of the leather. Standard leather types are always available on call in larger quantities at up-to-date prices and conditions.

In all fields of the shoe industry Bossert is traditionally well introduced. Upper leather, lining- and sole leather as well as shoe uppers for this industrial line are focal points of the efficient delivery program.

In 1998 Mr Willi Peter Bossert has devolved the management of the company to his daughter Mrs Petra Bossert.
Mr Hartmut Willi Bossert, the oldest son, lives in Brazil and is responsible for the transactions and processings with the South American partners.

In the course of the generation changeover the operational business was devolved in 1999 to the company UNIVERSAL BOSSERT Handelsgesellschaft mbH.

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